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Laser Cutter Technology for Singapore


Optic compensation design for laser output consistency.(Picture 1)

200W Laser Cutting System

Z-axis tracer maneuver along surface of material ensures focusing accuracy in uneven surface.(Picture 2)

Magnetic Linear Scale for calibration of motion with position accuracy tolerance of 0.05mm. Well sealed focusing unit to allow fine tuning over air assist. Off-set settings to achieve wider cut width in die board.

Vinyl Cutting Plotter


- Tri-port connectivity
- Up to 4.2g acceleration
- Up to 600 grams cutting force
- Up to 60 inches per second cutting speed
- Up to 0.8mm(0.04in) thick material accepted

- Guaranty 10meter tracking
- User friendly, multi-language control panel
- Ingenious media basket

Raytec Flame Polisher


Diamond edge polisher are specially designed for polishing plastic edges such as store signage and props, with a high quality finishing in just one quick operation! Eliminate hand scraping, sanding, buffing or flame polishing of saw cut plastic sheet.

Acrylic Bending System


PROBender helps you to produce bending profiles in just seconds. It can be applied to materials such as Acrylic, PVC, PMMA, PC, PA and other thermoplastic by heating them to a desired temperature and bend to an angle of 30-180degrees. Heater of machine is controlled by a digital thermostat which ensures precise control of individual heating zone.

Raytec Laser Engraver


LaserPro Spirit is designed with the operator in mind and carrying various innovative features, reliable mechanics, and excellent output quality. LaserPro Spirit is the missing piece in your operations puzzle, putting you on track for continued growth in your engraving and laser cutter business in Singapore!

Raytec CNC Router


Diamond Edge Polisher


100W Laser Cutting System